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oh my god.

luna’s first beach experience was up there with the best things i’ve seen in my entire life. she galloped around picking up random things from the sand, constantly checking back to see if we had changed walking direction and if we had she would race back up to us. best puppy ever. 😍😍

i have never met a dog more in love with car rides than this little dweeb. look how patiently she is waiting to go to the beach 😍

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! You speak abut Japan quite a bit, did you used to live there? I love your blog by the way πŸ˜„
thislittlefeeling thislittlefeeling Said:

hello! nope i just visited last year for my honeymoon and met up with three of my closest friends there. and had the best time :) thank you! x

it’s flashback friday round two this photo was taken in adelaide but it reminds me of japan so much UGH i miss that place and nomihodai with my loves 😍

got a new bed and everything!! dad is the best 😭

dad has set up his yard for luna and she’s the most stoked i have ever seen. so much space to play and so much freedom ☺️ pity our poor cat isn’t so fond of her new house guest πŸ˜‚

t2 and kikki.k have collaborated and you best believe i’ll be dropping an extortionate amount of cash on ridiculously expensive tea that smells like one million rainbows and liquid sunshine.

tonight the pilates instructor made me wear ankle weights and i think she might actually be the devil.